The metal frames and keys on Models 205 and 401 are made steel and coated with zinc.

Due to the different colors of chromate in the zinc, colors may range from a blueish shine to a more yellowish shine. While we prefer the blue tone, it is not always up to us which chromate is used in the coating process. The yellow tone can appear like a stain or rust on the silver. This is not rust… it is the yellow chromate when it dries on the steel.

This staining has no affect on the use or effectiveness of the tool.

While we understand the desire for a blemish free tool, there may sometimes be a visible stain on the frame or the key. We cannot guarantee all our products will be stain free, but we do guarantee the quality of every unit that leaves our warehouse.

We cannot offer discounts or refunds for units with a stained appearance. We will do our best to avoid this problem. If there is anything structurally wrong with your unit, please contact us.

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