When you’re looking for a product saving tool for getting the last drops from any tube, we know you have choices. There are plenty of different designs and product types on the market.  

While browsing the list of possible options, you might want to ask yourself a few questions about the products you’re considering. How are they made? How long do they last? Are they easy to use? And do they have long lasting durable parts?

When you look at the quality of The Original Tube Wringer, and the ease of use, you may find it to be the obvious decision. But let’s take a closer look at the product itself and see why it’s the best tube wringer you can buy.

Quality of Individual Parts 

With any tool you buy, you are most likely wanting to get the best product for the money you spend. Quality really is important. The Original Tube Wringer is made with durable materials that are built to last, so you can be sure you’re getting something that won’t have to be replaced after just a few uses. In fact, we’ve known of customers who have passed their Original Tube Wringer on to the next generation! We call that durable longevity!

Our tube wringer is made with ABS plastic, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, along with nylon rollers and stainless steel gears while the frame contains 10-12% recycled material. 

While The Original Tube Wringer does contain some plastic parts in certain models, it’s made from a high quality durable plastic that can hold up over time and heavy use. Our wringers are durable enough to tightly adhere to tubes for squeezing but not rough enough to puncture or leave holes.

Some other types of wringers are made with a metal frame (but not stainless steel), and then use cheaper plastics for the wringers and screws, which can end up breaking more easily. And some cheaper models have parts that get stuck or just click without actually turning the wringers. Some of the handles are too small or tough to turn for those with limited strength or arthritis. 

There are lots of types of tube wringers, such as key rollers, tube twisters, and tube extruders. But for durability, excellent quality, and years of proven satisfaction, The Original Tube Wringer can’t be beat. 


When faced with more difficult tubes, some competitors models can break when put to the test. 

But The Original Tube Wringer can clamp down hard on tubes, leaving them so flat that nearly every bit of the contents can be expelled. Watch a video of it here.

Other lesser quality models on the market lack the ability to tightly squeeze down on tubes, so you may not be able to really make the most of the tool that’s supposed to be saving you money. The Original Tube Wringer rarely sees a tube it can’t squeeze. 

A tube wringer should make your job easier and more efficient, because not too many people can manually squeeze every bit of product from any type of tube. So when you’re looking for the right tool for the job, strength is a factor! Let The Original Tube Wringer do the work for you! 

Handmade Vs. Factory Made 

Another great feature of The Original Tube Wringer is that our tool is handmade in The United States to ensure quality in every model. Some other tools on the market are made through a factory conveyor belt system, so there is less room for quality control and more room for error. John Gill pioneered this design and took meticulous care in producing quality tube wringers. Many of the look-a-like products on the market are cheaper replications of his original design.

When hand making any item, the personal attention that goes into each piece allows quality control at the core of the process. Our tube wringers are carefully crafted and inspected at each step along the way so the product you receive is always the best and most durable tool you can buy. Between quality parts and excellent craftsmanship, The Original Tube Wringer is built to last.

Check out this video of our Original Tube Wringers being handmade here

Overall, our tool is built to last, not built to break. You can be assured that The Original Tube Wringer is ready and able to do the job whenever it’s needed. 

Greek Philosopher Aristotle wrote, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”  

And we’ve been in the habit of creating quality for decades. With that kind of proven track record, the decision about which tube wringer to buy becomes a clear choice.