Valentine’s Day is coming up and, if you enjoy crafting, this is a perfect time of year to make your own card! We created this simple and fun project that any person at any age can tackle.

If you are like so many of us, you have loose cards, pretty paper, and other fun items around – but you have never used them for anything. Or, worse, you forget you have them when you need them – and you buy more! I admit that I am certainly guilty of this. After purchasing a holiday card for my nephew last year, I was astonished to find I’d already purchased a card for him!

Today, we are here to help you use the pretty paper and cards that you once purchased and have never given away.

Make Your Own Card Craft

You can level this craft up if you are an experienced paper crafter, but we will be keeping it simple today. Here’s what you will need:

1. Scissors

2. Glue

3. A card that you’d like to modify

4. Paper, or even another card that you’d like to use

5. Your Tube-Wringer (We used the Medium Duty for this craft)

Make Your Own Card Craft


1. First, check the card that you will be using for the base of this craft. Make sure there is no message or an acceptable message inside. Set that card aside.

*Quick hack: if there is a message inside that you dislike, or it’s a used card, you can always cut off the used side and create a postcard instead.

2. Next, cut out shapes in the crafting paper that you wish to use to decorate the card. In this sample, I cut out the pretty flower detailing from another “Thank You” card to cover up the “Thank You” in the tree of this card. 

Card-Making Craft

3. Run the detailing through your Tube-Wringer to add texture to the card. The crimping doesn’t have to be perfect, but the crimped detail gives the card a polished look.

4. Glue the details to your card and let it dry.

Now you have a card that you thoughtfully made yourself to give to your loved one.

I have seen people cut out beautifully stenciled pieces to add detail to a handmade card or create layered cards to complete a lovely piece of art. As I said above, you can scale this project up. We wanted to keep it simple here so that anyone can do it.

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