As we all do our part of cut down on trips to the grocery store, the art supply store, and the craft or hardware store, we need to get every drop out of any tubes available around the house and studio. The Tube-Wringer is a big help in moments like this. Our tool is designed to get 1/3rd more out of every tube.

Here are just a few ideas for ways you can use your TubeWringer to cut down on waste during self-isolation:

Art Supplies

Use your Tube-Wringer to get all of the paint or glue out of the tubes in your home studio. This tool works on larger tubes (up to 2 ⅞” wide) as well as small tubes that you may have been saving for a rainy day.

Every Day Tubes

If you are anything like us here at Tube-Wringer, you are washing your hands constantly. With so much handwashing, you may be using more lotion (we know we are). Use your Tube-Wringer to squeeze every last drop of that soothing cream! 

We also use the Tube-Wringer on things like diaper cream, toothpaste, and ointment. Our goal right now is to reduce trips to the store, so we are careful to get every last drop out of every tube in the house.

Baking and Cooking

You can use the Tube-Wringer to squeeze every drop out of your favorite hot sauce or in icing tubes. Just be sure to wash it in between uses! No one wants spicy icing. 

We also use the Tube-Wringer to crush medication and vitamins for pets and children. This can help keep everyone healthy in the age of COVID-19.

DIY Projects

 Even as we all self-isolate, life continues and construction or home improvement projects often need to proceed. You can use your TubeWringer to squeeze every drop of caulking or joint compound and help you use all of the glue in the tube.


Many crafters use the Tube-Wringer both as a tube squeezer and a crimper. It works well for both of these functions. So if you are creatively inclined we hope you will try using the Tube-Wringer for all kinds of uses!

Oddball Uses

We thought it might be a good idea to mention one of the oddball uses we have heard of. Some of our clever customers have used a clean Tube-Wringer to crack lobster and crab shells. Others used theirs to squeeze a fruit leather out of the packaging. There are always interesting and handy uses for anyone willing to try!

Are you ready to get 1/3rd more out of every tube? Click here to order your Tube-Wringer!