People from all walks of life use the Tube-Wringer to get every drop out tubes around the office, art studio, home, and kitchen. We have customers who are painters, chefs, dentists, hairdressers, homemakers, tinkerers, and more. 

However, because so many of our amazing customers are staying home right now to keep themselves and others safe, we wanted to talk about how to use the Tube-Wringer for other fun purposes around the home.

Standard Tube-Wringer Use

The Tube-Wringer was designed to squeeze every last drop out of tubes that are up to 2 ⅞ inches wide. Most of our customers use it for this purpose on everything from paint tubes to tubes of hot sauce. So, in the list below, we won’t be discussing this everyday, standard use. 

If you are wondering what tubes people usually the Tube-Wringer for here’s a shortlist:

  • Toothpaste, ointment, diaper cream, lotion, cuticle cream
  • Hair dye, developer, activator, conditioner, brightener
  • Dental compound, medical compounds
  • Oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints
  • Hot sauce, tomato paste, icing, caviar 
  • Glue, caulking, adhesives

Just about anything that comes in a tube 2 ⅞ inches or less can be squeezed out with a Tube-Wringer.

Five NonStandard Tube-Wringer Uses

Now that we have covered the usual uses of the Tube-Wringer, we have some off-the-wall uses that you can use the Tube-Wringer to help you in crafting or cooking projects, as well as some everyday uses you may not have thought of.

1. Crushing mints for fancy candy windows, peppermint bark, and other recipes

With so many of us baking up a storm this spring, you may be revisiting some comforting holiday recipes and baking things like gingerbread houses, peppermint bark, or mint fudge. As far as we understand it (and we are a family-owned and operated company with kids at home during the stay at home time period), cooking is considered both math and art at this point. 

If you want to get that perfect crushed candy look, try your Tube-Wringer! The heavy-duty model works best for crushing just about any hard food, from vitamins to candy canes or mints. Just be sure to a) wash your Tube-Wringer thoroughly before and after use with food and b) keep an eye as you crush, you can crush candy to powder very easily, and that may not be the look you are going for.

Pro Tip: One way we have avoided food mess when using a TubeWringer to crush candies or other hard foods is to put the food in a plastic bag and then run it through the Tube-Wringer. The plastic keeps the food from touching the rollers, making clean up a lot easier. 

2. Crimp paper or pretty wire with your Tube-Wringer

Many handy people are getting crafty during this time, which is fantastic! If you have a hankering for crimped paper or for crimping some pretty metal wire as part of a mixed media art project, during scrapbooking, while creating a lovely card, or any other project, the Tube-Wringer is a great tool for you. Many of our crafty customers have used the Tube-Wringer as a crimper.

3. Making jewelry 

If you are making metal jewelry, a Tube-Wringer is a handy tool to have around. You can use it to create interesting patterns in metal, bend or crimp wires, and more. 

4.  DIY claw crackers

This is one we would never have thought of on our own. One of our customers wrote in and shared that she used her heavy-duty Tube-Wringer as the perfect cracking utensil for lobster and crab claws. 

We say, enjoy a delightful meal and keep on cracking!

5. Getting every drop out of sample packs 

This came from a customer question. She asked if she could use a Tube-Wringer to get every drop out of all the spare ketchup packs she gets with takeout. We tried it and the answer is “yes!” You can also use your Tube-Wringer to squeeze every drop out of fancy lotion samples, which he had left over from a trade show.

This all goes to show that, if you are creative, you can use a Tube-Wringer to tackle many of the projects you are planning during this time at home.

So, stay safe and let us know how you are using your Tube-Wringer!