Our Oregon-Made Tube-Wringers come in three different styles. These are the Light Duty, the Medium Duty, and the Heavy Duty. While all three styles will help you squeeze the most out of tubes that are 2 ⅞” or smaller in width, each style is best for particular circumstances.

TubeWringer 202 Light Duty

The Light Duty Tube-Wringer is a great at-home or occasional use tube squeezer. This tool is the perfect TubeWringer for at-home use. In fact, we love using it on plastic tubes that won’t hold a crimp, but are ostensibly “empty.” 

Use this Tube-Wringer on tubes of toothpaste, diaper cream, lotion, ointment, icing, tomato paste, shampoo/conditioner, liquid soap, face cream, samples, and craft glue.

TubeWringer 205 Medium Duty

The Medium Duty Tube-Wringer is a great all-around tool. It has metal rollers, which makes it a good choice for squeezing both metal and plastic tubes. This tool can be used in the home, workshop, office, studio, or on the job. 

Use this TubeWringer on tubes of caulking, medical compounds, paint, and adhesives as well as around-the-house products like lotion or toothpaste. Just be sure to clean the rollers between uses.

TubeWringer 401 Heavy Duty

The Heavy-Duty TubeWringer is our most versatile tool. This product is completely made of metal and is a workhorse tool. We have had clients tell use they used their 401 TubeWringer on everything from cracking lobster claws to crimping metal for jewelry to squeezing every drop out of metal paint tubes. 

The 401 is great for art, craft, and DIY projects as well as for in-home or shop use. Use the Heavy-Duty Tube-Wringer to crimp wire and metal and to squeeze tubes of paint, hair dye, and caulking. We have also used the 401 to crush vitamins and medication (we put the medication in a sterile bag first).

The Tube-Wringer comes in handy in just about any at-home or in-studio project. Click here to get yours today!