This month, our team took on a special assignment. We looked for the oddest things that come in tubes that we could find. 

By “odd,” we mean something we didn’t expect to find in a tube.

This project came about because, every month, we create videos which usually include: 

  • Crimping crafts that you can do using a TubeWringer
  • Fun DIY jewelry ideas
  • The TubeWringer squeezing every drop out of used paint tubes, lotion, and toothpaste
  • Seasonal videos where we squeeze icing out of tubes – or crush candy for fun DIY projects

Those are our standard types of videos. We have had some outliers, which are mainly customer requests. For example, one customer asked if she could use a Tube-Wringer to squeeze wet washcloths. She has arthritis and felt the crank on the TubeWringer would be easier than trying to wring cloths with her whole hand. So, we made a video to share with her and others so she could make her own determination.

We’ve also heard of customers using the TubeWringer to squeeze unexpected things, like squeezing a fruit leather out of its plastic packaging or cracking lobster claws with the Tube-Wringer. So, we wanted to see what we could find in a tube that might surprise you – and that certainly surprised us!

Tube-Wringer Experiments with Weird Tubes we Didn’t Know Existed

Our first, and my personal favorite, is bubble gum in a tube. I had no idea that this was a thing that existed, so when we found it – I was surprised.

Here’s the video:

You may be wondering, as I did, “Is bubblegum in a tube any good?” My answer is, no, it is not. I would not buy this again, but it was still a fun find!

Next up are watercolors! You painters may all have known that watercolors come in a tube, but I had no idea! I thought they exclusively came in hard pellets, so it was cool to try out this lovely blue watercolor from the tube. 

Here’s the video:

The next two are tubes that chefs may be familiar with, but I don’t usually get these items in a tube. I have heard that caviar comes in tubes, but it wasn’t in the budget, so I went with anchovy paste. 

Here’s the video:

If you like anchovies and want to try this out, do yourself a favor and look up recipes with anchovy paste. We found some pasta-related recipes that were delightful.

Last but not least was chili paste! I love chili in my food, but I tend to go for red flakes, fresh, or canned chili, so it was fun to try it as a paste.

Here’s the video:

That was our haul of strange things in tubes that we found on the internet.

We would love to hear from you – have you used your Tube-Wringer in an unexpected way, or have you found something unexpected in a tube?

Let us know through the contact form. We’d love to hear your stories.

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