We have had a few people reach out to us directly or via social media to ask if a Tube-Wringer is an adaptive device. This is an interesting question as the Tube-Wringer was not originally built to be adaptive. It was built to squeeze pastes and liquids out of tubes. However, we constantly see customer innovation as they try out our product on metals, clay, and much more.

So, here is an exploration into what an adaptive device is – along with some information about experiments we have done to see how adaptive the Tube-Wringer can be. 

What is an Adaptive Device?

Adaptive devices or adaptive equipment is anything that helps with an everyday task. These devices are built to assist people struggling with short-term or long-term disability. Most adaptive devices are designed with a particular mobility struggle in mind. However, some adaptive devices like long-handled loofahs or grab bars can be used to both help a disabled person as they move through life while also bettering the lives of those without disabilities.

Is a Tube-Wringer Adaptive?

Adaptive devices include everything from elastic shoelaces to hearing aids to mechanical lifts. Some are purpose-built, while others are used by people in all walks of life. For example, screen reading technology is a great tool for people with poor or degenerative eyesight, but it is also useful for anyone who wants to drive a car with a voice GPS or have a book read to them while washing the dishes.

We did not build the Tube-Wringer as an adaptive device. It was purpose-built to assist anyone in getting every drop out of a tube.

However, some have used it as an adaptive device – and we are pleased to see it used by individuals with various physical disabilities. 

Here are four videos that highlight how our Tube-Wringer has been used as an adaptive device.

This video was specifically made because a customer asked to see if the Tube-Wringer would work for her arthritis. Because the Tube-Wringer requires less squeezing than wringing out a wet cloth by hand, she determined that it would work for her purposes.

We also made this video by request. Someone asked if we could use it on a sour cream tube – and we found that it works well!

So many grandparents, including some in our family, use prepackaged icing to make gingerbread houses in the holidays. But prepackaged icing is difficult to squeeze, and when it’s a grandparent and a small child, the grandparent is the one doing the squeezing. One of the grandparents in our family found that the Tube-Wringer is a great solution for difficult icing packs.

We use the Tubewringer for everyday items like lotion and toothpaste. It not only gets every drop out of a tube, but it may be useful for those with some physical disabilities. 

We don’t promote our product as an adaptive device – because it’s usefulness in this way is dependent upon the disability. But some with mobility issues have found it to be helpful!

If you think the Tube-Wringer would fit your needs, we hope you will try it out! It’s likely that the light or medium-duty would be the best fit as an adaptive device, as these are not as heavy as the all-metal heavy-duty tool. Explore our products and see if one would be a good fit for you!