Here at Tube-Wringer, we make videos of our tool, but more importantly, our customers make videos using our tool. They think of fascinating uses for the Tube-Wringer that we would never have considered.

We have collected some of our favorite Tube-Wringer videos here for you to enjoy! Here are some of the most useful Tube-Wringer videos we have found on YouTube:

Tube Squeezer Comparison Videos:

This video compares everything from a key tube squeezer to our heavy-duty Tube-Wringer. You can probably guess which one won – but we will let you watch the video to find out.

Three minutes into this video, the artist pulls out her Tube-Wringer! We love seeing truly candid reviews of our products, and this video does not disappoint. Additionally, it’s great to see artists using our Medium Duty on their paints as we most often see artists use the Heavy Duty wringer.

Tube Squeezers for Artists:

This is such a great video that shows how you can really get every last drop out of your paints with a Tube-Wringer! Teoh Yi Chie always does extremely thorough reviews of art products, and we appreciate it!

Here is a quick review and demonstration of our Tube-Wringer by “Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.” In it, the artist uses a Medium Duty Tube-Wringer to get every drop out of his oils.

This is a personal favorite. The video was created in association with the Sidney Art Store in Australia. They asked an artist to demonstrate the Heavy Duty Tube-Wringer as this particular artist creates huge works and goes through paint tubes like water. It’s immensely satisfying to watch – and we have been assured that every drop of paint was used in one of his massive paintings.

Demonstration Videos for DIYers, Metalworkers, Crafters, Seamstresses, Tailors, and Jewelers:

This video is pretty simple, but it shows the Tube-Wringer’s use as a metal corrugator or crimper. Simple “how-to” videos like this one are incredibly valuable and have even taught us a thing or two over the years.

This is a great video for anyone working with wire, whether that be WireKnitZ or wire of any kind. It’s a comprehensive “how-to” for crimping wire with our Light Duty and Heavy Duty Tube-Wringers – and it provides information on which gauges the demonstrator is using.

This is such a cool video because it showcases a number of tools for metal crimping – specifically for DIYers interested in making their own audio products. In this particular instance, he has made his own microphone.

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