Every year a flood of artists, homemakers, chefs, hair stylists, hobbyists, and more get a Tube-Wringer for the holidays. While the primary use of the Tube-Wringer is obvious, there are other ways to use our device that you may not have thought of. 

Eight Things to do with Your New Tube-Wringer

We spent last year creating crafts, making videos, and listening to how others have used our TubeWringer. Here is a round-up of some of the top videos and articles we’ve shared on how to use your TubeWringer.

1. Keep the tubes in your studio topped up

Two of the most common ways painters use the Tubewringer in the studio are:

Keeping tubes topped up as they go. This is usually the way artists who have pre-established palettes use the TubeWringer before they begin painting.

2. Squeeze every drop out of favorite foods 

Some sauces, pastes, and foods come in a tube. Get every drop out of pesto, chili paste, caviar, sour cream, and other foods by using a TubeWringer to squeeze them out of the tube.

3. Top up your toothpaste

What is the most common thing you see in a tube? Toothpaste!

The Gill Mechanical TubeWringer doesn’t get called a toothpaste squeezer for no reason. Anyone using a TubeWringer for one purpose or another can repurpose it when toothpaste tubes get low and use our device to reduce waste and get every drop out of that toothpaste tube.

*Hint: If you use your TubeWringer solely in the kitchen, office, or studio, try to diversify its use by also topping up your toothpaste, hand cream, ointment, medical cream, diaper rash cream, and anything else that comes in a tube!

4. Crush candy in the real world 

How many recipes require crushed candy? The answer is… not many. But, the Tube-Wringer comes in handy when you need it to crush hard candies for anything from making peppermint bark to creating candy windows in a gingerbread house.

*Hint: You can also use the Tube-Wringer to crush vitamins or medication. We crushed our elderly dog’s medication with our Tube-Wringer to make it much easier for him to take. It worked like a charm!

5. Make a DIY greeting/holiday card

If you are a DIYer, creating your own holiday card or greeting card may be something you’d like to try! You can start from scratch or repurpose existing cards to create something more personal. 

Here are two card crafts for you to try:

  1. The first craft shows you how to repurpose an existing card and use your Tubewringer to add texture to the overall look. Try this craft here.
  2. The second craft is fun to do on your own or with a child. Again, you can use your Tubewringer to create texture and beauty for the card. Try this craft here.

6. Crimp metal 

Many jewelers use our TubeWringer to crimp various metals and to add texture to polymer clay. Follow our journey as we try out our TubeWringer on different metal gauges and polymer clay in this article

7. Add some pizazz to your journal or commonplace book

Journalling is a wonderful way to add joy to your everyday. You can add a personal touch through papercrafts. Try our simple crimping idea here.

8. Create natural filler for your gift basket

We had a fun time creating gift baskets with colorful, natural filler during the fall. This is also an excellent idea for the spring and summer – though it may be challenging to do in the winter. Here is the craft

Whether you just received a TubeWringer for the holiday season, or you’ve had one for years, we hope these ideas inspire you to use your TubeWringer in new ways! 

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