The Tube-Wringer was invented in the 1970s and has been used by painters, stay-at-home parents, DIYers, crafters, chefs, and more ever since. In fact, we occasionally get letters and emails from people who bought their Tube-Wringer from the original inventor – letting us know that their product is still going strong!

Reducing Waste

The design is simple, durable, and effective – and it all started with an idea. The original inventor of the Tube-Wringer, John Gill, created the product right here in Oregon. He saw all of the partially or mostly used tubes being thrown out and thought that there must be a better way for people of all walks of life to get every last drop out of their tubes. So, Gill paid local children to bring him “empty” tubes that were going to be thrown out so he could develop a way to push the remaining content to the top of the container. That’s how he developed the Tube-Wringer.

This was in the 1970’s, well before our modern zero waste movement. However, Mr. Gill saw the importance of cutting back on wasteful habits even then. Not only does it reduce landfill, but cutting down wasted product saves money.

Oregon Invented, Oregon Made

Since John Gill’s invention of the Tube-Wringer, we have continued to manufacture every product to his specifications. We use parts made here in America, and we build every Tube-Wringer here in Eugene, Oregon.

Some might say that the Tube-Wringer is old and needs new bells and whistles or shouldn’t be made to such a high standard. In fact, we’ve had suggestions from people who haven’t used our products saying that we should build in some obsolescence so that we can drive the price down and sell more.

That’s just not the way we do business. Our goal is to build our Tube-Wringer to the highest standard so they are durable and last for many, many years – even with hard use. After all, a Tube-Wringer is supposed to reduce waste and save money – it doesn’t do that if our clients have to throw them away and buy new ones constantly.

So, we hope you will give the Tube-Wringer a try! Click here to start shopping.