Tube Squeezing

Squeezing Tubes with the Tube-Wringer

The Tube-Wringer is a high-quality tube squeezer that is built to last. This American-made product was invented specifically to help people from all walks of life get every single last drop out of tubes. Since it was developed in the 1970s, customers from Australia to America have told us about the many uses of the Tube-Wringer. Clients have used our products to squeeze all of the icy goodness from an Otter Pop, crush lobster claws, get the most out of oil paints and toothpaste tubes, and squeeze every drop out of expensive hair dyes.

The Tube-Wringer is a multi-tool and can be used on any number of tubes. This one-of-a-kind tube squeezer crimps as it squeezes, sealing off areas that have been compressed and moving all of the compounds to the top of the container, making it easy to use on multiple tubes at the same time.

Add a Tube-Wringer to Your Tool Kit

Tube-Wringers are made in the USA using high-quality materials. We have customers who bought their original Gill Mechanical Tube-Wringer when it was invented in the 1970s, and their tool is still going strong. It is made to last!

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tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

Getting Every Last Drop out of Paint Tubes

Artists use Tube-Wringers every day to get the most out of expensive paints. Our sturdy and long-lasting product is listed as an artist tool in many art supply shops, and we have painters from all around the world who have used our tube squeezer for years.

Frankly, many expensive oil paints are difficult to squeeze. Some artists have tried cutting tubes open to scrape out the paint, while others have used various other jerry-rigged solutions to get every drop they can out of oils. Fortunately, the TubeWringer is a fantastic artist tool, making it easy to squeeze out every drop of oil paint from hard to manage tubes. Additionally, our tool is built to last, making it the best tube squeezer in the business.

Get the most out of your oil paints

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tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

Toothpaste and Other Home Applications

One of the most common questions we get about the Tube Wringer is, “Can I use this for my toothpaste tubes?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Many of our customers buy a TubeWringer for their artist’s studio or craft kit, then end up using the multi-tool for all kinds of applications – from squeezing every last drop out of their toothpaste to getting the most out of high-end cosmetics, to emptying tubes of diaper rash cream. You can use the Tube-Wringer on anything that will fit between its gears.

tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

Tube-Wringer for Chefs

Many delicious foods come out of tubes, from caviar to hot sauce. Chefs from across the world use our easy-to-wash Tube-Wringer to get every bit of tasty food out of the containers used to transport them.

The most common cuisine that utilizes tubes to house delicious sauces and foods is Asian fare. Many chefs from across the ocean love to use the Tube-Wringer to ensure they get every drop of flavorful sauce out of the many tubes in their kitchen.

Emptying Hair Dye Tubes

Hairstylists often pay for hair dye out of their own pockets, making up the difference when they use the wide variety of expensive colors. The Tube Wringer gets one-third more out of every tube it squeezes. That means stylists of all kinds can get the most out of pricy hair products, saving money in the process.

Do you need a tube squeezer that will last

The Gill Mechanical Tube-Wringer is a long-lasting, practical multi-tool that can be used to get the most out of just about any tube.

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See what people are saying about TubeWringer!

“I just wanted to say thanks for making an amazing quality product. I won’t need to buy oil paint for a year or so as I’ve saved tubes with what I thought only had a pea-sized amount left but realized there is quite a bit left! The heavy duty is well worth the money…thanks again. :)”

“Just used my very old Tubewringer to get my tomato paste out of the tube! Thank you for making such a useful tool!!”
~ Libby H.

“Letting you know that your ‘Tube Wringer’ is the go-to product for those of us who hand make Microphones. The ribbon (Ribbon Microphone) must be crimped gold foil, that is suspended between magnets. There used to be machines for this, but nowadays there are few left. Your product is fantastic for this.
Perhaps you should list “Ribbon Microphones” somewhere so searches find your company?
Sincerely and thanks,”
~ Will.

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