Shopping sustainably during the holidays has several benefits. The first benefit you likely consider is reducing your carbon footprint. However, this holiday season, in particular, has given us additional reasons to shop sustainably. These include:

  1. Avoiding shipping delays. Sustainable products are generally not shipped from other countries and ideally have most or all parts sourced locally within your country. 
  2. Supporting local businesses. Most sustainable products are also local products. Even our Tube-Wringer, made here in Oregon, is created using parts sourced in the USA.
  3. Supporting small businesses. When you can talk to the company owner about the product, it gives you a deeper understanding of the product’s sustainability and the company philosophy. At Tube-Wringer, we are not only a small business, but we are family-owned and operated.

The above three benefits, as well as cutting back on carbon emissions, are all great reasons to shop sustainably this holiday season. 

But where do you start?

How to Shop Sustainably Over the Holidays

Finding sustainable products is becoming easier and easier to do. Here are some tips for sustainable shopping during this holiday season.

Buy local

Locally produced items don’t have to travel across miles upon miles of land and sea to get to you. It’s a simple rule that is effective.

Get the details

Most companies that produce products sustainably and ethically by using recycled, repurposed, or locally sourced materials, will often tell you that they do so. In fact, it’s something that makers of all kinds will share either on their website or in response to a quick email.

If you want to get more details about a product you want to buy, don’t be afraid to ask some in-depth questions before purchasing.

Shop intentionally

It can be tough to break away from shopping at big-box retailers that are not dedicated to sustainable sourcing. They have many more resources than smaller companies and can make it very convenient for you to go to their site for all of your needs.

However, you can share your intentions with those you love this holiday season. Find gifts that you feel would be meaningful or useful – or ask for wishlists with just a few items that you can find locally. Another idea is to share experiences with friends and family. Many of us have delayed experiences during the last two years, and now may be an excellent time to reconnect.

Connect with makers directly

Use social media or sign up for a newsletter to connect with makers directly. Doing this will often give you access to sales and other events your favorite makers are part of.

Shopping locally and sustainably will provide you with more advantages this holiday season than ever before. It will help you avoid long shipping delays and allow you to benefit your community as you give something thoughtful to your loved ones.

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