Shaving cream art is a very fun and simple way to turn boring paper into something handmade and lovely. This craft is one that both adults and children can enjoy.

How to Make Basic Shaving Cream Art

You will need:

– Foaming shaving cream

– Food coloring (minimally have primary colors available)

– Paper (preferably white)

– Fingers, a knife, or any tool for putting the cream onto the paper

– Paper towels or a cloth that has seen better days

What to do:

  1. Spray out several different blobs of shaving cream in bowls, on a palette, plate, or cutting board. 

Shaving Cream Art-1

  1. Drip food coloring onto shaving cream.

Shaving cream art - food coloring

3. Mix desired colors or color combinations into shaving cream. You can do this with your fingers, but be aware that the food coloring might stain your fingers for a day or so.

Shaving cream and coloring mixed together

  1. Let the paper sit for about three to five minutes. This is a great time to clean up or let your child have a turn painting.
  2. Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe all of the shaving cream off of the paper. This will smear your pattern a little, but it will usually still look pretty.
  3. Let the paper dry fully – about an hour in a warm room.
  4. You have some pretty paper that you have dyed with shaving cream!

Shaving cream art with art tools

Valentine’s Day Crafting Ideas

There are so many fun things you can do with your shaving cream art project! We decided to go simple and cut out some pretty hearts. This is a Valentine’s Day project, after all.

First, we cut our paper into strips and crimped one of the strips with a 202 Light Duty Tube-Wringer

Next, we cut out hearts.

Valentine's Hearts

These hearts will be used as sweet additions to Valentine’s Day cards.

We also had a fun decor idea that we will be trying before Valentine’s Day. That is:  

  1. Dye both sides of your shaving cream paper – or make several sheets and glue them together once dried.
  2. Cut out hearts
  3. Clip the hearts to hanging twine or punch a hole in the hearts and string them around the house.

This is a fun, handmade alternative to store-bought, plastic heart decorations.

We hope you enjoy our crafting concepts! If you have any fun Tube-Wringer related crafts that you would like to share, be sure to message us – or connect with us on social media! We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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