March is National Crafting Month and what better way to celebrate than by exploring new crafting techniques and tools. Crafting and the act of creating is a great way to relieve stress, express creativity, and you end up with a few unique items that add a personal touch to your home or office when you’re done. 

It’s time to flex those DIY chops and get to crafting. Read on and explore how Tube Wringer can help with various crafting projects-from jewelry making to painting to glue crafts and more! 

Let the crafting begin!

Craft Idea #1 – Crimping for Crafts 

Tube Wringer is a handy tool to have in your crafting kit, especially if you work with metal or paper as part of your crafting medium. Crimping not only adds texture to your projects but also helps create a more diverse array of styles in your art. Here’s how you can use Tube Wringer in your crimping practice. 

Crimping Metal 

When making sculptures or jewelry, you may need to crimp metal sheets or wires to create a desired texture or shape. Tube Wringer can make this job easier by providing a strong grip and enough even pressure to crimp the metal accurately. 

Crimping Paper 

Crimping paper can add an interesting texture to your cards, garlands, gift wrap, and more. Our tool can also help you crimp paper without tearing it or damaging its delicate surface.

Craft Idea #2 – Squeezing Paints 

Painting is another popular crafting activity that can benefit from Tube Wringer’s functionality. If you use oil or acrylic paints, you know how challenging it can be to squeeze out every last drop from the tube. With Tube Wringer, you can easily roll the tube from end to top, dispersing the paint evenly, and getting the paint out without wasting a drop. You can use Tube Wringer for watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, and other painting mediums that come in tubes.

Craft Idea #3 – Squeezing Glue 

Crafts that involve glue can be messy and wasteful if you don’t have the right tools. Tube Wringer can help you get the most out of your glue tubes by squeezing every last drop out of them-mess free.

Whether you are working on a collage, scrapbooking, or any other glue-based project, Tube Wringer can help you save time and money by ensuring you have a steady supply of glue moving through that tube.

Bonus Use – Wringing Sponges 

You can also use our tool for wringing out sponges that you use in your crafting projects. From painting to cleaning, you can use Tube Wringer to get out excess water or paint from your sponges. This will save you time and prevent your workspace from getting too messy!


We hope you’re working on some incredible projects and crafting away to your heart’s content. We also hope you consider Tube Wringer as a versatile tool that can benefit a wide range of crafting projects that you may find yourself working on. Whether you work with metal, paper, paints, or glue, Tube Wringer can help you get the most out of your materials and create beautiful, unique crafts. Happy National Crafting Month!