Are you thinking about getting The Original Tube Wringer but have some questions lingering in your mind? 

If that’s the case, you came to the right blog post. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll address some of the most common queries regarding our innovative product. From its versatility to its maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

What Types of Tubes Can I Use With The Original Tube Wringer? 

The Original Tube Wringer can handle a wide range of tubes. Whether it’s metal tubes, paints, glues, food pastes, beauty products, or hair dye, our tube wringer ensures you get every last drop of your favorite products. 

Additionally, it’s perfect for crimping metal and paper, squeezing sponges and small hand towels, crushing candy or medications for pets, and even pressing and crimping leaves and flowers for nature-inspired art projects.

The Original Tube Wringer is a multi-tasking marvel! 

How Do I Clean The Original Tube Wringer? 

Cleaning The Original Tube Wringer is a breeze! Simply use soap and warm water to remove any residue from the wringer. Be sure to dry it thoroughly afterward to prevent rust from forming on metal parts.

Is The Original Tube Wringer Safe for Food Items?

Absolutely! The Original Tube Wringer is safe to use with food items. 

Whether you’re squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste or frosting for a cake, you can trust that our product is designed with your safety in mind.

The exception to this would be if you had just used the tube wringer on a tube of paint, and then immediately went to use it on a food item. If there were any bits of wet paint left on the wringer, it could potentially get on whatever food tube you’re squeezing, and that wouldn’t be a good combination to ingest. 

Luckily, you can wash off your tube wringer between uses and get back straight back to squeezing! 

Are There Different Types of Tube Wringers? 

Yes! Our lineup includes three models: light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. The light-duty model is best for light tubes and squeezing, featuring all-plastic parts. The medium-duty model steps up the game with a metal wringer, perfect for handling a variety of tubes. Lastly, our heavy-duty model is built tough with all-metal parts, designed to tackle even the most stubborn tubes with ease. One thing they all have in common though is that they are equipped to squeeze any tube up to 2 7/8”. 

If you’re wondering what model is best for you, click here

We hope this post answers some of your tube wringing related questions, but as always, our email is open and we’re happy to help answer any remaining curiosities you have about our tool.