If you have arthritis, you know what a pain it can be-literally. 

Living with arthritis can present daily challenges, especially when it comes to tasks that require squeezing or gripping anything tightly. It can throw a wrench into almost anything you do, and if you don’t have a backup plan, you can be set back even further. Allow us to introduce you to your backup plan. When arthritis strikes and a particularly bad flare up happens, or it has reached the point of chronic, aching pain, Tube Wringer is there to help. 

This versatile tool can revolutionize your daily routine. Discover how this simple yet powerful device can provide immense relief and enhance your everyday life.

Squeezing Tubes

Tube Wringer is an absolute game-changer when it comes to squeezing tubes. Whether it’s toothpaste, ointments, lotions, or creams, this innovative tool ensures that no amount of product goes to waste. Its efficient design allows for effortless extraction by effectively flattening the tube from the bottom up. By simply sliding the tube between the rollers and turning the handle, you’ll be amazed at how easily every last drop is retrieved.

Why is this helpful? For individuals with arthritis, the Tube Wringer eliminates the struggle of manually squeezing tubes, reducing strain on the hands and fingers. With its ergonomic handle and smooth operation, this tool provides a much-needed solution for those who may experience pain or limited dexterity. Plus, some arthritis relief lotions and creams can become costly. You don’t want them to go to waste!

Wringing Towels and Sponges

Beyond the obvious realm of tube squeezing, the Tube Wringer can also be a revolutionary tool for wringing out towels and sponges. With a gentle yet effective approach, it allows you to extract excess water without excessive force or strain. When arthritis pain makes it difficult to grip or squeeze, you can use Tube Wringer to get the job done. By securely gripping the material and sliding it through the rollers while turning the handle, you’ll see how effortlessly the Tube Wringer tackles this task.

For individuals with arthritis, wringing out towels and sponges can be challenging due to the need for a tight grip and the repetitive motion. The Tube Wringer’s user-friendly design provides a comfortable alternative, reducing strain on the hands and wrists. It allows you to efficiently dry your towels or sponges, making household chores much more manageable and enjoyable. You can retain your independence and do more when you have the right support.

Crushing Medications

In addition to its primary functions of wringing and squeezing, the Tube Wringer can also be utilized to crush objects, such as medications, with ease. By inserting a blister pack, pill, or medication packet into the rollers, you can safely and effectively crush the contents. It requires little pressure compared to what is used with other pill crushing tools on the market. This feature proves particularly valuable for individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills or need to adjust dosage amounts.

Crushing medications can often be a challenging task, especially for those with arthritis or limited hand strength. Tube Wringer offers a safe and efficient solution, enabling you to crush medications to a desired consistency without the need for excessive force. This feature empowers individuals to better manage their medication needs, promoting independence and convenience.


The Tube Wringer is more than just a household tool. It’s more than something for artists and hobbyists—it’s a lifeline for individuals with arthritis. 

From effortlessly squeezing tubes to wringing out towels and sponges with ease, and even crushing medications, this tool offers newfound freedom and convenience for those with arthritis. 

Don’t let arthritis limit you; let Tube Wringer empower you!