Paper crafts are fun for people of all ages. They are great for parents who are spending more time with their children or child this year – and they are a comforting holiday activity for those of us without children.

This holiday season, we are going to revisit an old standby. That is, making paper snowflakes!

Anyone with paper and scissors can make paper snowflakes – and you can add the crimping power of a Tube-Wringer to make this papercraft even prettier.

How to use a Tube-Wringer to add beauty to your paper snowflake

You will need:
– Paper
– Scissors
– TubeWringer
– Anything you’d like to use for decoration

How to make a snowflake:

1. Fold paper into triangles. If your piece isn’t perfectly square to begin with, don’t worry; just fold and cut it into that initial triangle shape.

2. Fold your paper into successively smaller triangles until you are satisfied.

3. Cut shapes into the sides of your triangle.

4. Run the whole thing through a Tube-Wringer OR run about an inch and a half of each corner through the Tube-Wringer.

5. Unfold it, and you will have a pretty crimped snowflake! From here, you can decorate it or keep it as-is.

You can view one of our team members making a snowflake in this video.

Do you love holiday paper crafts? If so, we recommend adding a Tube-Wringer to the mix! If you make collages, holiday cards, scrapbooks, and more, your Tube-Wringer can add some pizazz to the overall look of any papercraft.

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