Here we are again! It’s that time of year where our thoughts begin to drift toward buying gifts for family, friends, coworkers and all of the other people who grace our lives in numerous ways throughout the year. Sometimes it’s an easy guess as to what type of gift someone would love to receive. But other times, it can be a bit of a challenge. What do you get for someone who basically has everything they need? Or maybe you’re just not really sure what type of gift they’d be interested in. You may have a hard time finding just the right thing.

Until now! Here’s something incredibly useful that many people don’t even know they need. It’s The Original Tube Wringer! That’s right, The Original Tube Wringer is a perfect gift for anyone, for a variety of uses. And what might those uses be? Well, I’m glad you asked. 

Here are a few ideas that are practical and useful, while still making gift giving fun!

Gifts of Health and Beauty

The Original Tube Wringer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when building a gift basket centered around health and beauty. But think about it-how many of those expensive lotions, hygiene products and hair products come in tubes? And how much of it do you think gets wasted because you can’t get those last valuable drops out? 

When you pair The Original Tube Wringer with products and accessories for health and beauty, you’re not only giving a useful gift, you’re giving them more of what they already love. 

Here are a few gift kits you can put together for the health conscious friend or family member: 

  • A Toothbrush Kit for Kids! 

            Kids may not get excited about brushing their teeth, but when they get a basket full of tasty toothpaste flavors, a fun new toothbrush, and a cool tool to squeeze out the last bits of toothpaste, they may change their mind about teeth brushing time. 

            Did you know they even make dental-floss holders shaped like animals? What kid wouldn’t want that?! Throw in a kid friendly timer to be sure they brush for the desired amount of time and you might find kids eager to brush their teeth morning, noon, and night! 

            By throwing the Light Duty Tube Wringer into this kit, kids won’t miss a single bit of those flavorful toothpastes! And they’ll have fun squeezing the tubes, all while learning some good lessons on saving money by not wasting the product

            You could make this kit fit for adults as well by selecting a more neutral flavored paste, whitening strips, and a luxurious lip balm. 

  • Hair Care Basket

         If you have a budding salon stylist on your list, why not pair the Light Duty Tube Wringer with their favorite hair dyes? Add in some gloves, hair foils, and a salon cape to complete the package. The Original Tube Wringer will ensure that every precious drop of that beautiful color gets used to create the gorgeous looks your stylist is reaching for! 

  • Facial and Make Up Kit

         The Light Duty Tube Wringer is just right for making sure those expensive lotions, skin soothing serums, under eye gels, and moisturizers don’t go to waste! Add in a sugar scrub cleanser and facial mask, and be ready to give a home spa experience that not only feels great on their face, but puts money back in their pocket. 

Gifts for Creative Types and DIY’ers

When someone starts getting into heavier types of products for crafts and home projects, you might want to consider giving them the next step up with the Medium Duty Tube Wringer

Here are a few ideas for the crafter in your life:

  • For the Serious Artist (or the aspiring one)

           Whether you choose oils or acrylic paints, the Medium Duty Tube Wringer is just the thing to be sure the artist can use all of the product while creating their masterpiece. There’s nothing worse than running out of that one color when you’re almost done with your picture! The Tube Wringer can help them use every last drop when it matters most. Fill their art basket with some paints, brushes, and a few small canvases, along with the Medium Duty Tube Wringer, and watch them start creating all the happy little trees!

  • For the Craft Makers

         The hobbyist in your life will love the Medium Duty Tube Wringer. Starting with tubes of adhesives, glitter glues or silicone, and adding in card stock, stickers, and colored markers, you can give the makings of a scrapbookers dream! Cardmaking is equally doable with this great, crafty gift set. And the Medium Duty Tube Wringer has a crimping feature that allows for them to add even more texture to their creations!  Liquid embroidery could be another option for the creative craft person. Add in some pre printed fabric and an embroidery hoop, and they’re ready for hours of crafty fun! 

  • For the Handy Home Project Person

         Instead of a basket, this gift package might be best in a good ole’ bucket! Tucked in amongst a few new shop towels, you could toss in those often used tubes of things like tile caulking, all purpose glue, and wood putty. Then add in a couple different sizes of putty knives, a caulking gun, some gloves, and a tube of lotion for those hard working hands! Top it off with a Heavy Duty Tube Wringer and you’ve got a ready-to-go set of DIY home repair goodies. 

Gifts for the Kitchen Cook

The home chef or pastry cook on your list has plenty of opportunities for using either the light or medium duty Tube Wringer in the kitchen! Putting together a gift basket for this person has never been easier!

Here are few tasty gift ideas they’ll love:

  • The Cookie Monster

         Start with a cookie decorating cookbook, then add in a cookie mix, a few cookie cutters, hot chocolate packets, sprinkles, and lots of tubes of colored icing to create a beautiful gift basket that brings fun and creativity to your favorite cookie monster! The Original Tube Wringer is the perfect tool to complete the kit, ensuring that every bit of delicious icing gets used!

  • Italian Feast

         Make meal prep easy for a new cook by combining the Medium Duty Tube Wringer with ingredients for a tasty Italian dinner! Line a basket with a red checkered cloth and add in tubes of tomato paste, garlic paste, and a package of quality pasta. Some specialty mushrooms and fresh Italian parmesan cheese, along with a handwritten recipe card adds a personal touch! And a crispy baguette completes the meal. The Medium Duty Tube Wringer makes sure every last tasty drop of quality ingredients are enjoyed!

  • The Experimental Cook 

        For this gift basket, the sky’s the limit! And the Medium Duty Tube Wringer allows the adventurous cook in your life to savor every bit of those spices and flavors in each tube of goodness! Add a variety of pastes, like chipotle, korean fermented chili pastes, creamed smoked Cod Roe, or other exotic flavors from different cultures and regions from around the world. Throw in a set of stainless steel or bamboo kitchen utensils, and let the imaginations soar! 


If you’re unsure about which Original Tube Wringer model might be best for the job, why not get all three? The Light Duty Wringer, the Medium Duty, and The Heavy Duty! The combination of all three Original Tube Wringers is a great gift in itself!

You never know which Original Tube Wringer might be needed for various jobs, so what a great idea to give all three of them! The Original Tube Wringer, in any model, is durable, versatile, and lasts for years, so you can be sure you’re giving a gift that will be useful for many jobs, for many holiday seasons to come. 

Happy Holidays and happy shopping!