Holiday crafts are a tradition that provide fun and entertainment throughout the season! Whether you’re making gifts, decorations, or just having a good time with friends or family, doing crafts is always a welcome activity.

Paper chains are one popular project for kids. And using paper, glue, and scissors, you can soon find your home decorated with snowflakes, snowmen, winter trees and more! But what else could you do this year? And what about pets? Is there something you could make for them as well?

Here’s a few ideas to add to your crafting idea list. Whatever you choose, get out the supplies, use your imagination, and have fun! And don’t forget The Original Tube Wringer so you can get every drop of glue, paint, and frosting out of every tube.

Let the fun begin!

Craft #1 – Cards

Cards are always a good way to greet the season! 

Start with some heavy card stock paper and cut it to whatever size you want. You can leave it as a whole sheet and simply fold it in half or cut smaller pieces out for smaller cards. 

Use The Original Tube Wringer to put crimped elements on cards, such as a tree or scarf on a snowman. Glue your creations to the card paper and write wishes for a Happy Holiday in whatever way is meaningful to you.

Once you get your holiday cards done, you might want to continue to make cards as gifts, or to have on hand for use throughout the coming year for birthdays and other holidays. Cut out red hearts for Valentines day, paint a flag for Independence day, or make a colorful birthday cake design for upcoming celebrations. The sky’s the limit! And if the glue gets low, remember to use The Original Tube Wringer to get that last bit out. It’s no fun to run out when you’re on a roll.

Craft #2 – Snowflakes 

A new fun take on this traditional snowflake craft is to eat them! Use soft, thin, flour tortillas instead of paper. Warm them slightly in the microwave or on a pan on low heat and then cut snowflake designs with kitchen shears by folding them in a similar way you would with a paper snowflake. 

When your snowflake is ready, you can decorate it with white frosting, powdered sugar, and sprinkles! Be sure to use The Original Tube Wringer to squeeze every bit of frosting out of the tubes! 

Craft #3 – Puppy Painting

Why not get your favorite pup involved in the fun? 

Step 1. Gather materials. What you’ll need: A small canvas, a large quart size baggie, some pureed pet treats in a tube, and a few small tubes of colored paints. 

Step 2. Put drops of colored paints all over the canvas.

Step 3. Put the canvas inside the large baggie, paint side up.

Step 4. Close it up tightly, and put some pureed pet treats on the top of the baggie.

Step 5. Let your pet lick the pureed treat, which causes the paint on the inside of the baggie to move around. (This may take some encouragement on your part!)

Step 6. When the treat is all licked up, and the “painting” inside is done, carefully unzip the bag and remove the canvas. 

Voila! Your pet has created a masterpiece that makes a great gift for pet lovers! The Original Tube Wringer comes in handy to get all of the treat puree out of the tube for maximum licking results. If you have several pets or want to make multiple pieces of art, The Original Tube Wringer will be useful to squeeze paint tubes also.

Be sure and sign your pets artwork for them, so they can be recognized for their talent.

Craft #4 -Gingerbread Box for a Cat

Sometimes holidays can be a stressful time for pets. People, lights and all the excitement can be overwhelming for a shy cat. As an alternative to hiding under the bed, and helping Kitty to stay included in the party, you can provide a hiding place that can be both useful and festive. Plus, most cats love a good box. 

Step 1. Find a cardboard box that’s big enough for a cat to crawl inside comfortably. 

Step 2. Turn it face down and open the top flaps to create a “roof.” Retape it in the shape of the roof. Use the flaps from the other side to fill in gaps and create a “house.”

Step 3. Cut a rounded door on one side, big enough for your cat to enter and exit.

Step 4. Decorate the box to look like a Gingerbread House. Cut colored circles for gumdrops, and long white strips along the seams and door for “snow icing.” Use The Original Tube Wringer to crimp red strips and twist to look like licorice. Glue the pieces to your box to create your Gingerbread HIdeaway!

Step 5. Place a small blanket or pet bed inside.

Step 6. Try placing a few treats inside to encourage Kitty to go in. Keep the Gingerbread House in an out-of-the-way place in the room and give your pet time to get used to it before the festivities begin. This can take several days or longer, so get your box made early.

The Original Tube Wringer will be useful for crimping and squeezing tubes of glue or paint, so be sure to have one on hand for this project!

Craft #5 – Holiday Cat Toy

One more craft for your cat can be easily made using the crimping capabilities on The Original Tube Wringer. 

Step 1. Cut a cardboard tube into pieces that are about 2 inches wide. 

Step 2. Cut strips of red and green paper about 6-8 inches long.

Step 3. Run the red and green paper strips through the crimper on The Original Tube Wringer. 

Step 4. Glue the paper strips together in the middle, layering one on top of the other in different directions. 

Step 5. Insert strips into the cardboard tube and secure inside with a spot of glue, letting the crimped strips stick out of each end. 

You can attach the toy to a stick and play with your cat, or toss it and let your cat run after it. 


Happy Crafting!

Remember to have The Original Tube Wringer handy to make the most of your holiday fun this year and tag us in your holiday craft posts on social media. We’d love to see what you’re creating!