We make videos of our Tube-Wringer in action pretty frequently for social media. However, we are always pleased to note that customers have made some really helpful and informative videos, too! Take a look at our collection of favorite Tube-Wringer videos below:

Proshave Tube-Wringer Demo

One thing we get asked a lot is whether you can use a Tube-Wringer on more than one tube. The answer is a resounding “YES!” and this video shows you how.

Medium-Duty Tube-Wringer Review by Teoh Yi Chie

Another question that comes up a lot is whether or not an artist has to buy a heavy-duty TubeWringer to squeeze every last drop out of a paint tube. We usually recommend an artist gets at least a medium-duty as it also has metal rollers. Here is a review of our medium-duty product – used on paint tubes.

Thorough Heavy-Duty Tube-Wringer Review by ColoringKaria

A great video by someone who just purchased a Tube-Wringer. Once you watch it, you will know how to use it, have a couple of tricks under your belt, and be able to get the most out of every tube!

Crushing with a Tube-Wringer

We made a video showing you how to use a Tube-Wringer to crush items like candy canes and vitamin pills. You can see that we kept the candy cane in its packaging to avoid direct contact with a Tube-Wringer, and that’s how we recommend you crush any foodstuff, just to keep things sanitary.

Tube-Wringer as a Crimper

You can use a Tube-Wringer to crimp light gauge metals – as well as some heavier gauges if all you are looking for is to create a pattern rather than a true crimp. In a past video, we demonstrated how durable a heavy-duty Tube-Wringer is by trying it out on a mason jar lid. In this one, we use a much lighter gauge metal for some fun crimping.

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