Your home, office, or studio contains plenty of tubes that need every last drop squeezed out. However, we often get questions about what a new customer can use his or her Tube-Wringer on.

The very short answer is that you can use your Tube-Wringer on any tube that is up to 2 ⅞” wide. Additionally, it’s a multi-use tool, so you can use it on one tube and switch it to another very easily.

Here are five things on which you can use a Tube-Wringer

1. Toothpaste
Many of our customers use their Tube-Wringers to squeeze every last drop out of common household items like toothpaste, lotion, diaper cream, ointment, icing, and more. You can clean your Tube-Wringer between uses to switch from a common item like toothpaste to a food item like icing. However, we usually suggest that you keep one Tube-Wringer for home use and another for a studio or office setting.

2. Paint tubes
Many painters across the world use the Gill Mechanical Tube-Wringer to get the most out of expensive or hard-to-find paints. Artists often work on a tight budget and getting every drop out of paint tubes may be a vital part of your budget. We are glad to help! We have been contacted by artists who have used their Tube-Wringers since the 70s and 80s and they often share that their tool is still going strong!

3. Sample packs
This is a new one to us. We had an inquiry on social media asking if the Tube-Wringer can be used on sample packs and we tried it. The answer is, yes!

4. Paper of any weight
Many crafters and artists use their Tube-Wringer to crimp paper as part of a project. The results are always fun and beautiful!

5. Wire
Crimping wire is useful for all kinds of purposes. Our clients run the range of everyone from Jewelers to DIYers. We have a customer who made a fascinating video about crimping wire for microphones and have customers who have taken photos of their wire and metal crimping projects for lovely jewelry.

No matter what your project, a Tube-Wringer can help you get the most out of the tubes you are using. Click here to get yours!