Crimping with a Tube-WringerThe Tube-Wringer has a very obvious use, squeezing the last drop out of any tube that fits between its rollers. However, there have been some pretty crafty people across the world who have used the TubeWringer in exceptional ways.

Crafty Ideas for Your Tube-Wringer

DIYers, artists, construction people, jewelers, and more have thought of some great ways to use their Tube-Wringers. Here are just five of the many fun uses we’ve found for a Tube-Wringer:

1. Metal-forming

The Heavy Duty Tube-Wringer can be used to crimp and form many types of metal. Our customers have used the Tube-Wringer to crimp or form 30 gauge sterling silver, industrial copper foil, aluminum roofing flashing, and some gauges of sheet metal. Many jewelers, model train enthusiasts, and more use our Industrial Tube-Wringer for metal working.

2. Crimping paper and ribbon

There are some really wonderful crafts out there that involve crimping and that’s where the Tube-Wringer comes in handy! We love seeing our customer’s creative crafting as they wrap beautiful presents, design ingenious gift cards, decorate with paper crafts, and more!

3. Squeezing makeup and hair dye

You often see video tutorials of people using the Tube-Wringer to get the most out of their paints or toothpaste, but there are many additional tubes that the Tube-Wringer can handle. Many professional hairdressers use the heavy-duty product to get out the last drop of hair dye, people at home use the lighter version to squeeze out makeup, and dentists even use it to get dental polymers out of the tube.

4. Getting the last drop out of a snack package

One mom let us know that her enterprising son uses the TubeWringer to get the last bit of his snack. There’s no waste in that house!

That said, we always recommend that, if you are going to use the Tube-Wringer for food, please just use it for food alone. If you’d like a food prep (or food consumption!) Tube-Wringer, as well as one for DIY projects or toothpaste squeezing, be sure to get two. Tasks like food consumption can usually be accomplished with the Light Duty Tube-Wringer, so it’s not a huge expense to get two.

5. Our favorite of the strange uses customers have found for a Tube-Wringer are…cracking lobster claws and as a cell phone holder!

We love the idea of using a Tube-Wringer to crack lobster claws, but the cell phone holder was a little scary! To be fair, the customer used our product on its side to prop up his cell, he didn’t use the rollers to hold the phone. Don’t try that one at home!

We would love to hear how you use your Tube-Wringer! Contact us and share your stories.