The Tube-Wringer is most often seen in art studios around the world. While many artists buy tubes of expensive paints (one tube of oil paints can run from $9-$50), most find that the Tube-Wringer is also useful around the house! It’s no secret to any artist who uses a Tube-Wringer that our multi-use tool is fun to use around the house.

Use the Tube-Wringer on these Household Products

Today, we’ve made a list of fifteen of the most common household tubes to use our wringer on. Try topping up:

  1. Toothpaste
  2. Lotion
  3. Shampoo/Conditioner
  4. Pain cream
  5. Antibiotic cream
  6. Diaper rash cream
  7. Face or undereye cream
  8. Medical creams
  9. Facewash
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Aloe vera
  12. Icing
  13. Tomato/Chili paste
  14. Sauces
  15. Food coloring

This is just a list of fifteen tubes we’ve found around our house – you may be surprised to find more than fifteen tubes in your home! 

Other Ways to Use Your Tube-Wringer Around the House

There are so many ways to use the Tube-Wringer around the house. Here are a few additional uses that people have shared with us:

– DIYers have used the Tube-Wringer to squeeze every drop out of glue and caulking tubes in their toolkit.

– One customer with arthritis used her Tube-Wringer to wring wet cloth.

– Pet owners have used the Tube-Wringer to crush medication that their pet would otherwise have difficulty chewing – or would refuse to chew.

– Scrapbookers have used the Tube-Wringer to crimp paper.

– Candymakers have used the Tube-Wringer to crush mints and chocolates when making peppermint bark.

– One clever customer used the Tube-Wringer to push a fruit leather out of the package.

There are many ways to use this multi-use tool around the studio and the house. You’ll be surprised by how useful – and how satisfying it is to use!

Are you feeling inspired to top up all of the tubes in your house? Shop for your Tube-Wringer here.