Father’s Day is right around the corner and dads always seem the hardest to shop for. Most fathers don’t want yet another tie or baseball cap. So, what does one get the dad who has it all? That’s what we are here to share with you!

Ten Father’s Day Gifts

Does your dad seem to have every tool he needs, all the sweaters and ties and cufflinks he may ever want? Then it’s time to explore some new gift ideas.

1. Tube-Wringer

Chances are, dad doesn’t have a Tube-Wringer in his toolkit. He can use our handy product to get the last drop out of toothpaste, use up all the caulk for his latest “honey-do” project, or crimp the roof of his next model train.

2. Succulents or mushroom growing kits

Does your dad have a green thumb? You can buy him a succulent as a living air purifier – or let him enjoy his love of delicious mushrooms with his own grow kit.

3. Water filter straw

Any outdoorsy dad who loves to hike, camp, or hunt will get use out of a water filter straw.

4. Footcare kit

Give your dad the gift of fresh summer feet with a footcare kit. There are many packages in all scents.

5. Skincare products

Dad needs to take care of his skin, too! If you need the skincare kit to come off more manly – just throw in some shave items like shaving cream, beard oil, and aftershave to help him keep his face looking and feeling great.

6. Personal handwarmer

It’s almost summer now, but if your dad likes to explore the great outdoors during winter, a personal handwarmer is a great option. There are reusable hand warmers available through companies like Zippo.

7. Pick punch

This puncher creates a pick from anything – an old storecard, an expired credit card – even dad’s ID from 1982. It’s a fun present for any crafty guitar players in your life.

8. Aluminum or glass prints

Give dad a cool way to showcase his favorite pictures by having them printed on a unique surface.

9. Unique organizers

If you have a dad who loves to collect but doesn’t always have a place to showcase his collection – now’s the time to help! There are a ton of different organizers out there, from ticket stub organizers to shadowbox frames.

10. Fancy salt

Foodies will thank you for infused salts or fancy finishing salts. From French fleur de sel to bacon-infused salts, you’ll find something that your dad will enjoy.

Are you ready to start your Father’s Day shopping? Click here to get him a Tube-Wringer!