Father’s Day is on June 20th – right around the corner! In the past, we have created Father’s Day gift guides for this time of year. You can find the 2020 gift guide here. This year, we wanted to share some more gifts that we think are perfect for dad – and some fun ways your kids can get more hands-on in the gift-giving experience! 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Many of us are still doing the majority of our shopping online. This is undoubtedly the case with most people who are looking for Father’s Day gifts.

We say, look no further. If the dad in your life doesn’t have a Tube-Wringer, now is the time to get him one. It’s a versatile tool that can be used anywhere, and it’ll save him money in the long run!

If the dad in your life already has a Tube-Wringer, there are many, many other gift ideas out there. Some are a little cheesy – but most are not tie-related, and we call that a good thing.

Here are a few things we found that sound like great dad’s day gifts:

  • Engraved pocket knife or Swiss army knife for a handy dad.
  • A custom photo book with the kids featured prominently.
  • How-to books featuring a hobby that he’s trying to hone.
  • Board games or video games – depending on the dad.
  • Kinetic sand desktop zen garden for his office (or home office).
  • DIY kits. You can get everything from birdhouse building kits to a Lego kit that allows you to build a miniature colosseum. 
  • Phone charger and/or UV phone cleaner.
  • Activity subscriptions. You can get everything from a mystery subscription box to a pass at the local golf club. Just think about what this father likes to do and buy him a subscription for it!
  • One-on-one activity. It’s been a long year of not seeing people. The father in your life may prefer to head to the batting cages with his family, go golfing with his buddies, or hang out on the back deck with family and friends. Set up a fun, one-on-one activity in which his favorite people can participate.

Fun Father’s Day Crafts

While the adults are buying a great gift for dad or setting up a fun activity, younger kids can feel left out. Include them by helping your kids make a Father’s Day craft.

We have two crafting ideas that you can use:

Fathers Day Craft

Make a pennant to decorate the wrapping paper or add to a gift bag

This craft is very simple. All you need is:

  • Letter-sized paper or card stock if you prefer
  • Construction paper in dad’s favorite team colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (optional)
  • A straight edge or ruler (optional)
  • Tube-Wringer (optional)

1. Cut out a pennant shape from the letter-size paper or card stock. If you are like me, you will first have to draw out the shape using a pencil and a straight edge or ruler to ensure you get a straight line.

2. Cut up construction paper into various shapes. I found that squares, rectangles, and triangles work best.

3. Crimp the colorful construction paper shapes with a Tube-Wringer to add some texture and make the pennant stand out. We used the light-duty Tube-Wringer for this. 

Another crimping option is to cut the construction paper into 2”-2 ½” strips, crimp those, and then cut out shapes. Whatever is easiest for you.

4. Glue the shapes to the pennant, overlapping as needed.

5. Set aside to dry.

From here, you can glue the pennant onto a gift bag or wrapping paper, wrap the gift in the pennant, or use it as your Father’s Day card. 

Fathers Day Gift

Make a Father’s Day card

We did a “Create your own card” craft on Valentine’s Day, and that card turned out very nice. If you’d like to see that option, you can find it here.

Here is another idea for a Father’s Day card craft.

You will need:

  • 3 sheets of card stock or some other heavy paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tube-Wringer 
  • Pencil 
  • A straight edge or ruler (optional)

1. Decide on the message you want to put on your card. We wrote “I love you to the moon and back” and I’ve also seen “I love you thiiiisss much.” The shape of the card can match with the message – or not. It’s up to you. 

2. When you decide on the message, decide on the shape of the card. If you want to use the “Moon and back” message, you may want to do a circle. If you do “I love you this much” then you may want to cut out a hand shape.

3. Draw two matching shapes on two sheets of your card stock. You’ll see in the images that we chose to draw a square. That is because I am not great at cutting out clean and matching circles. You can always experiment with whatever shape you want to cut out.

4. Cut out the two matching shapes.

5. In your third piece of paper, cut a long strip of paper, about 1” wide. I used a straightedge and a pencil to ensure the line was even and consistent before cutting.

6. Crimp the strip of paper using a Tube-Wringer. 

7. Write your message on one of your shapes.

8. Glue your strip to the back of the card with the message on it. Then glue the other side of the strip to the other card.

9. Allow to dry.

10. Fold the strip so that the top card can spring out from the bottom card, allowing dad to pull the cards apart and making the message extra special!

We hope you find these crafts enjoyable. Here’s wishing the fathers in your life a very happy Father’s Day!

Just a reminder, if you want to buy a Tube-Wringer for dad this Father’s Day, click here.