Recently, we were asked by an artist if it’s possible to squeeze the last drops of paint out of the collar or top part of a tube. This can be difficult, but we wanted to see if we could get every drop out of the collar of the tube- as well as the tube itself.

In this video, we demonstrate how to get every single drop out of your paint tubes:


Now, here’s a quick walk-through. 

First of all, I used the Tube-Wringer at a variety of angles to get every drop out of the tube and to squeeze all the way up to the collar. 

Then, squeezing the collar with fingers, I worked to get every drop out. I also used the Tube-Wringer at a few different angles to push the paint as far as I could. 

In the end, the Tube-Wringer was used to bend the collar a bit and create a little crimp on the sides, pushing every single drop to the nozzle of the tube.

I did have to use my fingers to get the last drops out, and was able to use the tip of a palette knife to get the small bit that I couldn’t squeeze out of the very tip of my tube. 

In the end, I am satisfied with how much paint I was able to extract from the tube!

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