During this time of uncertainty and hardship, families and professionals across the world are doing what they can to be frugal and reduce waste. The Tube-Wringer was created to help families, artists, hairstylists, construction professionals, dentists, chefs, and more reduce waste and get the full value out of the products they buy and use.

However, using a Tube-Wringer on the tubes around your home, studio, or office is not the only way you can reduce waste and get value out of the products you buy. There are many waste reduction techniques you and your family and coworkers can use to get the biggest bang from your buck.

Eight Waste Reduction Techniques

1. Repurpose, resell, or donate
If you buy something you only need for a short period of time, be sure to repurpose, resell or donate those items once you are done with them.

2. Use reusable bottles
Instead of purchasing single-use juice, soda, or water in bottles, refill a reusable bottle throughout the day.

3. Bring your own cup to the coffee shop
Utilizing your own coffee cup saves you from having to throw away a paper or plastic cup.

4. Utilize software that will help you go paperless
On a personal level, you can get most bills sent to you via email or app notification. On a larger scale, businesses can utilize software to reduce the use of printed paper forms or unnecessary paper copies.

5. Use real dishes, cups, and silverware
Both at home and in a company, single-use dishware can make life easier. However, using plastic or paper plates, cups, and cutlery causes a lot of waste. Take the extra step to wash and reuse durable dishware.

6. Shred and/or reuse scrap paper or paper mail
Both at home and in an office, scrap paper can come in handy. You can shred it to create packing material or use old circulars and other papers for paper mache and other crafting opportunities.

7. Telecommute
This is certainly something we are all getting used to in the current times. There are many ways you can stay connected with the rest of the office or your clients while still working from home.

8. Buy high-quality, long-lasting equipment
Purchasing equipment that will stand the test of time is a great way to reduce waste and keep your overall budget low.

At Tube-Wringer, we are proud to build a long-lasting, high-quality product that does stand the test of time. We have customers who have used their Tube-Wringer for over forty years and who are still getting use out of it today. Click here to get your Tube-Wringer, today!