Crimping with the Tube-Wringer

Crimping Tool

The Gill Mechanical Tube-Wringer was invented primarily as a tube squeezer. However, we have had crafty customers who have used the crimping mechanism of the metal rollers to crimp and corrugate light metals and paper.

Many DIYers, inventors, artists, jewelers, and model-makers have utilized the Tube-Wringer on small projects, as the opening of our multi-tool is meant to accommodate a tube up to 2 ⅞ inches wide. While this means no one is using the Tube-Wringer on large-scale corrugation projects, it makes small scale crimping feasible and fun.

Complete Your DIY Toolkit

If you are looking for a crimping tool for model building, metal manipulation, papercrafts, and more – give our heavy-duty Tube-Wringer a try!

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tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

Metal Corrugator

Many customers from hobbyists to professional jewelry creators utilize the heavy-duty Tube-Wringer for corrugating and crimping metal. As mentioned above, there are size limitations associated with our product as it was initially invented to squeeze tubes – not to corrugate. The crimping/corrugating feature was created to help seal tubes as compounds are squeezed out.

However, clients have reached out to us time and time again through YouTube videos, personal messages, white papers, Pinterest, Instagram, and more – sharing the many crimping uses that Tube Wringers can provide. So far, we have discovered that metal corrugation is limited to light-weight metals up to 2 ⅞ inches wide. Most DIYers have suggested using up to 30 gauge sterling silver, copper, or aluminum. Some have gone up to 34 gauge, but it’s important to note that the Tube Wringer is a manual tool, so the increased thickness of the material being crimped requires more elbow grease.

If you are hoping to use the TubeWringer as a metal crimping tool, we recommend the heavy-duty, all-metal tool. This tool is extremely durable, and it provides the most leverage and traction when compared to other versions of the Tube-Wringer.

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tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

Paper Crimping Tool

here is a fantastic array of crimping craft ideas online. From ornaments to scrapbook decorations to creating beautiful cards, there are so many ways to use crimped paper to design something beautiful! DIYers and paper crafters use a range of paper crimping tools, and we are proud to say that the Tube-Wringer is among them.

All three Tube-Wringers (light, medium, and heavy-duty) are great paper crimpers, though we’ve had the most success with our medium to heavy-duty multi-tools. Just as listed at the top of this page, our product is not meant for crimping anything above 2 ⅞” wide, which means it’s a great tool to keep handy when creating cards, ornaments, or decorations.

Go ahead and add a new craft tool to your kit!

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tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more


See what people are saying about TubeWringer!

“I just wanted to say thanks for making an amazing quality product. I won’t need to buy oil paint for a year or so as I’ve saved tubes with what I thought only had a pea-sized amount left but realized there is quite a bit left! The heavy duty is well worth the money…thanks again. :)”

“Just used my very old Tubewringer to get my tomato paste out of the tube! Thank you for making such a useful tool!!”
~ Libby H.

“Letting you know that your ‘Tube Wringer’ is the go-to product for those of us who hand make Microphones. The ribbon (Ribbon Microphone) must be crimped gold foil, that is suspended between magnets. There used to be machines for this, but nowadays there are few left. Your product is fantastic for this.
Perhaps you should list “Ribbon Microphones” somewhere so searches find your company?
Sincerely and thanks,”
~ Will.

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