Tube-Wringers are used by artists around the world to get every last drop out of tubes of expensive oil paints. While we hear from artists ordering all three of our products, the most popular one is our Heavy-Duty Tube-Wringer (Model 401). 

This Tube-Wringer is made of zinc-plated steel with metal rollers. The metal rollers allow the artist to get a better grip on aluminum paint tubes. Additionally, because this Tube-Wringer is a heavier product, the weight of the Tube-Wringer itself works for our artist customers, making every the toughest paint tubes easier to squeeze.

We are happy to say that we were approached by the Cape Ann Plein Air Painting Competition and Festival to see if we could provide our heavy-duty Tube-Wringer to winning artists. Each of the winners was awarded a cash prize, plus a swag bag of specialty products, including our Model 401 Tube-Wringers!

The team here at Tube-Wringer wanted to say “congratulations!” to winners:

  • Ken DeWaard
  • Charles Newman
  • Neal Hughes
  • Susan Lynne
  • Beth Brownlee
  • Viktor Butko
  • Charlie Hunter
  • Debra Huse
  • Kirk Larsen
  • Stewart White
  • Catherine Hills
  • Michael Compton
  • Christopher Leeper
  • Gary Tucker
  • Dick Sneary
  • Jeff Williams
  • Mitch Baird
  • Greg LaRock
  • Mat Barber Kennedy
  • Zufar Bikbov
  • Mike Kowalski

We enjoyed all of the amazing art from afar and we are so glad that we could contribute to this beautiful event!