Do you ever find a product you love and wonder, “Who made this thing?” 

Behind every successful product, there are passionate individuals who envision, create, and continually innovate. The Original Tube Wringer is no exception. 

Meet the dynamic duo, Loren and Alyson, who are the primary owners and makers of this ingenious tool today.

Loren: Warehouse, Manufacturing, and Shipping


Loren brings to The Original Tube Wringer a wealth of experience garnered over a decade of dedicated service at a local distributor, where he honed his skills in product handling and shipping. His commitment to precision and his attention to detail make him the ideal craftsman for assembling our products with the utmost quality. Beyond his professional endeavors, Loren is a man of diverse interests. In his free time, he can be found fishing, gardening, golfing, snowboarding, playing basketball, and cherishing quality time with his kids.

Role in the Company

At the heart of The Original Tube Wringer’s production process, you’ll find Loren. Loren is the one overseeing every phase of assembly, ensuring that all components are meticulously crafted and manufactured to perfection. He works hard to maintain the standards John Gill put in place when he founded the company.

A Problem Solved on the Job

In the realm of quality assurance, Loren truly shines. 

Occasionally, we encounter parts that fall short of our exacting standards, and in such instances, Loren steps in to work things out. Ensuring that our customers receive only the best of the finished units is incredibly important to us. Loren undertakes the crucial responsibility of inspecting each component upon delivery. If it passes the test, it moves on to the production line where it’s assembled and packaged for shipping. Loren takes great pride in ensuring each unit is perfect before it leaves the warehouse.

Alyson: Customer Service and Accounting


With nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience under her belt, Alyson is a seasoned business professional. Her experience in business has left her with diverse skills, from website development and customer engagement to sales strategies, bookkeeping, and the intricacies of inventory management. This comprehensive training, which Alyson diligently pursued throughout her independent business venture, has proven invaluable as she and her team embarked on the journey of acquiring The Original Tube Wringer. Her well-rounded expertise helps drive the success and growth of The Original Tube Wringer business.

Role in the Company

Our customer base spans the globe and Alyson plays a pivotal role in managing those worldwide customer relationships. She recognizes the significance of possessing the skills required to be not just helpful, but exceptionally supportive. Alyson is able to provide outstanding customer service, which is a defining aspect of her role in the company. She forges relationships with our valued customers, ensuring they feel genuinely appreciated. This commitment to customer-centric values is deeply rooted in the legacy of John Gill, who founded the company on these very principles. 

Today, Alyson remains steadfast in upholding and perpetuating this cherished tradition of excellence in service.

A Problem Solved on the Job

On the job, Alyson excels in tackling challenges head-on, particularly in her role as a customer service expert. She takes pride in swiftly assisting customers in resolving any order-related issues or addressing their inquiries about our products. Alyson’s commitment to providing guidance to customers just proves her dedication to ensuring our customers have a seamless and satisfying experience with The Original Tube Wringer.


The Original Tube Wringer isn’t just a product; it’s the result of passion, creativity, and a dedication to solving everyday problems. Loren and Alyson, the makers of this tool today, continue to uphold the Original Tube Wringer legacy that John Gill started so many years ago. They’re making sure that we all have access to a device that promotes efficiency, sustainability, and smart living. 

As you use The Original Tube Wringer, remember that it’s more than just a gadget – it’s the embodiment of two individuals’ commitment to making life a little easier, one tube at a time.