Some of our most ardent admirers here at Tube-Wringer are artists. It makes sense – artists use expensive oils day in and day out, and they need to get every last drop out of their paint tubes. Because we have such incredible customers, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the lovely things they say about the Tube-Wringer. Here they are!


“You make a great product, so I’m happy to share it! 

– Sara Alex Mullen


“I’m always grateful for studio tools that deliver like this Tube Wringer. If you prefer not to waste paint, it truly delivers!” 
– Shannon Celia


“Wow. I am blown away with just how easy to use as well as effective. No more wasted paint left in tubes.” 

– Dale Cook


“So satisfying!”
– Luke Kay


“This is my favorite thing right now! No more wasted paint.”

– Barbara Castaneda


“Some tools are such a great investment. Like this. Lasts forever. Pays for itself. And it feels so good to use! Can be used to get the last of the toothpaste out of the tube too.”
–  Workshops in France Gallery


“I got this Tube Wringer for my birthday this year (thanks, family!). It’s so satisfying to get to the end of a tube of paint and squeeze out Every. Last. Drop. I’ve realized that having the right tools sure make a job easier and more enjoyable.”

– Rachel Crockett Smith


“I bought a Tube-Wringer and it is the best investment I’ve ever made.”
– Carla Proctor


“I bought a paint squeezer and the Tube Wringer seems to be the strongest.” 

– Nakajima Mugi


“Love this Tube Wringer. I can wring out every little bit of paint. Just saying. Thanks, Sara Alex Mullen for the tip!”
– Iris Mes Low


“If you don’t have a Tube-Wringer – get one and have the best life!”

– Erin Hollingshead


“My new favorite art tool, Tube-Wringer. Save paint, save money, win win!” 

– Steven Campbell


If you are looking for the perfect gift for an artist in your life – or if you are an artist hoping to get every last drop out of expensive oils – get a Tube-Wringer today!

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