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Invented by John Gill

You may wonder, what is a TubeWringer? This useful tool was invented by John Gill right here in Oregon. He saw that many tubes were thrown out with quite a bit still left in them, wasting tons of useful paint, ointment, toothpaste, adhesive, and more every year. He set out to fix this problem by creating a product that would squeeze out the very last drop of anything inside of a tube. He would experiment with “empty” tubes purchased from local children, using his invention to wring out the last bit of whatever was in the tube.

tubewringer made by Gill Mechanical

Family Owned and Operated

The Gill Mechanical Tube-Wringer has been family owned and operated since its founding. First, John and his wife ran the company from the late 1970s through the mid-1990s. During this time, John traveled around the world, providing the Tube-Wringer with global exposure and sharing his product with people from America to Australia.

When he and his wife decided to retire, they wanted to sell the company to another family. Fortunately, my parents were looking for a business that they could run as a second, post-retirement career. They purchased the Tube-Wringer from the Gills, keeping the company here in Eugene, Oregon, and continuing our relationships with the American manufacturers that have provided us with the high-quality parts for our Tube-Wringers since the beginning.

My parents completely retired a few years ago, passing the business down to me, their daughter. I grew up with this company, working here at Tube-Wringer during summers alongside my close and extended family. My family still works here at Tube-Wringer, some full-time and some seasonally.

Made in Oregon

The TubeWringer is still manufactured to the exacting standards set by John Gill. It has been in production for over 39 years right here in Eugene, Oregon, from parts manufactured entirely in Oregon.

We have gotten letters and emails from customers all around the world raving about the TubeWringer they purchased over 35 years ago, which is a testament to our passion for the product. Additionally, our creative customers constantly surprise us with videos and papers, showcasing new ways to use our always reliable and long-lasting product. One customer uses her TubeWringer to get all of the meat out of lobster claws while another has been using it since 1975 to wring out the last drop of paint while creating works of art. Still other customers have created videos sharing how they use the Tube-Wringer to crimp wires and metal foil for everything from sewing projects to DIY microphones.

All original TubeWringers are built by our family to last for years to come. If you’re ready to get one-third more out of every tube in your home, studio, lab, or medical office, you are in the right place. All you need is a TubeWringer!

Tubewringer can be used for getting paint out of a tube
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