As we’ve wrapped up another year and 2024 is well under way, we reflect on the feedback and experiences shared by our amazing customers. It has been a year full of creativity and a shared commitment to reducing waste. 

Here’s a roundup of reviews that highlight the versatility and effectiveness of The Original Tube Wringer.


“This steel tube wringer is powerful and easy to use on the largest tubes of oil and acrylic paint. It saves more money then imagined by squeezing the last drop out of your paint out of the tube that is impossible to get out any other way.” – Barbara Dickerson

The Original Tube Wringer has been proven to be powerful and efficient for both oil and acrylic paint tubes. It’s our mission to help artists make the most out of every drop, ensuring that your creative endeavors remain uninterrupted. 


“Very sturdy and able to totally empty oil paint tubes. I highly recommend it.” – Elbertpat

It’s fantastic to know that The Original Tube Wringer is sturdy and reliable for oil paint tubes of all sizes. Flexibility is key, and we’re delighted to provide a tool that adapts to your needs, even with tougher tubes. 


“This tool is ideal for getting every last drop of product out of tubes. I keep it under my sink and use it to extract the remaining bits of hair color, toothpaste, and tretinoin. It’s an excellent way to save money and prevent waste, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to maximize the use of their products.” -BeeBuzz

We’re glad to hear that our tool has become a handy companion in your daily routine. Maximizing the use of products like hair color, toothpaste, and tretinoin is not just about saving money but also about preventing waste. We’re honored to be part of your efforts to live sustainably.


“I bought this metal tube wringer because I was doing gouache and watercolor painting and the paints are VERY expensive, especially the good to excellent ones. You really want to squeeze EVERY drop out. A tube wringer was recommended. I had never heard of or seen one before. But what I first used it for was a tube of very expensive pain cream. This squeezed every drop out and as it crimps the tube, you can cut it off at the bottom and thus make the tube smaller for storage. This works on both metal and plastic tubes. I saw a tube ringer with plastic parts for sale but I’m glad I bought this one because it is very well made, strong, will last forever, and I will obviously have to pass it on in my will with instructions. It doesn’t look fancy dancy but it’s not ugly either. It is utilitarian – designed to be useful and practical which it is. I’m glad I bought it.” – G rated Grandma

It’s heartening to hear how our product has seamlessly integrated into your artistic and everyday life. Your testament to its strength and longevity is exactly what we strive for – a tool designed to be useful and practical for generations.


“I used this in my studio for paint tubes. Can’t imagine life without it. It works great, gets every last bit of paint (which is sometimes expensive!) out of the tubes. It pushes the paint up towards the top and then crimps the bottom. It’s really sturdy; I’ve used it for a long time.I bought the second one for the workshop, and to be honest, as security. Where would I ever get something I depend on so much if something happened to the first one? I haven’t had occasion to use it yet, but am definitely not sorry I bought it.” – Genealogist

The Original Tube Wringer feels right at home in a studio. The efficiency of this tool in getting every last bit of paint from tubes is a testament to its sturdiness. Your foresight in purchasing a second one for security speaks volumes, and we’re here to support your artistic journey. We can’t wait to see what you’re creating!


“Great for toothpaste tubes and other tubed items.” -Elizabeth C.

Daily routines can be made so much easier with The Original Tube Wringer. From regular household items like toothpaste to food tubes in the kitchen or beauty products in the bathroom, this tool is here to do it all. 


“This is great. I had previously purchased little keys to wind the tube to the end, but there was still a decent amount left at the top. I have arthritis, and I don’t have much money for art supplies, so getting the last bit out was an issue. This worked perfectly. It was also not as heavy as some wringers I’ve looked at. I was worried that the plastic would be too flimsy but I only use watercolor and without much pressure, it broke open the top of the .5ml tube so that I could scoop out every last bit.” – Jeanne

We understand the challenges posed by arthritis, and we’re thrilled to learn that The Original Tube Wringer has become a solution for you. Your testimonial reinforces our commitment to designing products that are both effective and accessible.


“Well made & great for acrylic tubes. A good price.” – Barbara

It’s always our aim to offer a well-made product that provides value for artists like yourself. We offer three different styles at three different price points to accommodate different budgets and needs. From light duty to heavy duty, there’s a tube wringer for you! 


“Gets out the paint I’ve been struggling to squeeze out. Plus helps with toothpaste tubes too.” – Stefania

We’re happy to have created a tool that assists you in squeezing out every bit of paint. And yes, it’s not just for artists; toothpaste tubes benefit too! There’s so many things The Original Tube Wringer can do. 

As we look back fondly at what 2023 brought our way, we express our deepest gratitude to our customers. Your feedback fuels our commitment to creating products that stand the test of time. 

Here’s to another year of creativity, sustainability, and wringing out every drop of potential!