Tube-Wringer is a family business located in Oregon and each of our products is American Made with the parts coming from American factories. As it stands, we are still able to build and sell our product for anyone who wants to cut down on waste in their home or gallery. Our operation is a very small one which allows us to prioritize the safety of the family members and employees who work with us.

Many, many of our amazing customers are going through a tough time right now. With “shelter in place” orders occurring across the country and the world, we are seeing hair salons, restaurants, galleries, and more closing their doors.
At Tube-Wringer, we are trying to do our part to help spread the word about businesses that are struggling during this time. We started a campaign on our Instagram/Facebook Stories to share works of art from across the globe to bring more attention to artists and help them as they try to weather this storm.

We hope that you will connect with us during this time of hardship and share what you are going through right now. Connection and communication is important to us during this time, so we hope you’ll keep in touch.

Stay safe and healthy!

All of us from Tube-Wringer