Light Duty

TubeWringer 202

The most economical of our products, the light duty is perfect for around-the-house applications, from squeezing out the last drop of toothpaste to occasional caulking jobs, TubeWringer 202 is your go-to tool.

Medium Duty

TubeWringer 205

Plan to use your TubeWringer for heavier work? The TubeWringer 205 is perfect to help you get full use out of tubes of hair dye, medical compounds, oil paints, and caulk.

Heavy Duty

TubeWringer 401

Our heavy duty product is perfect for continual shop or studio use. Use the metal rollers to crimp sheet metal, squeeze heavy-duty tubes, and get the last drop out of expensive adhesives.

tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

…will be your main squeeze.

You may wonder, what is a TubeWringer? This useful tool was invented by John Gill right here in Oregon. He saw that many tubes were thrown out with quite a bit still left in them, wasting tons of useful paint, ointment, toothpaste, adhesive, and more every year. He set out to fix this problem by creating a product which would squeeze out the very last drop of anything inside a tube. He would experiment with “empty” tubes purchased from local children, using his invention to wring out the last bit of whatever was in the tube.

tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

…has so many uses.

The TubeWringer is still manufactured to the exacting standards set by Mr. Gill. It has been in production for over 38 years right here in Eugene, Oregon, from parts manufactured entirely on Oregon. We have gotten letters and emails from customers all around the world raving about the TubeWringer they purchased over 35 years ago, and see videos and papers sharing new ways to use our always reliable and long-lasting product every day. One customer uses her TubeWringer to get all of the meat out of lobster claws while another has been using it since 1975 to wring out the last drop of paint while creating works of art.

All original TubeWringers are built to last. If you’re ready to get one-third more out of every tube in your home, studio, lab, or medical office, you are in the right place. All you need is a TubeWringer!

tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

Squeeze the last drop of…

  • expensive caulk
  • adhesives
  • oil paint
  • caviar
  • cake icing
  • hair dye
  • medical compounds
  • toothpaste
  • ointment
  • and so much more!

All models accommodate tubes of up to 2 ⅞ inches wide.

The Tube-Wringer® has uses besides getting every possible drop out of tubes. It can also be used as a crimper for craft projects, model train roofs, and jewelry. This tool is easy to clean, all you have to do is wipe or wash it by hand, and it’s ready for your next project.

tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

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Our Light Duty Model is ideal for…

  • food tubes
  • toothpaste tubes
  • ointments
  • glue
  • make-up

The Light Duty Tubewringer has nylon rollers on the 202 are durable and may well last a lifetime for the occasional user.

Our Medium Duty Model is ideal for…

  • medical compounds
  • adhesives
  • oil paints
  • caulk
  • epoxy

Our Medium Duty TubeWringer has metal rollers that firmly grasp the tube and ease the extrusion of materials.

Our Heavy Duty Model is ideal for…

  • industrial or professional use
  • medical and dentist offices
  • crafting texturized jewelry
  • crimping sheet metal
  • daily use

The No. 401 has a zinc-plated steel frame and metal rollers and is built for repeated, even daily use, for years to come.

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See what people are saying about TubeWringer!

I found a tube wringer several years back in a drawer at my parents house. They let me have it and I have been using it for years! Its got to be one of the first ones ever built! Could be in a museum! It was definitely built to last! Something thats lacking in most purchased goods these days! This is the first time I have looked it up online and was pleased to find you are still around and flourishing! Thats awesome and shows what a well made product that you stand behind will do for you! Congrats! Now that I know I’ll be talking you up with anyone I come in contact with!
~ Bill Hughes, Union Film Worker and Contractor

“You guys make a fantastic product! I have a model 401 and I love it! I like to get all the paint I pay for, and the heavy model squeezes the tube perfectly. And, it’s fun!”
~ Satisfied Customer

“Letting you know that your ‘Tube Wringer’ is the go-to product for those of us who hand make Microphones. The ribbon (Ribbon Microphone) must be crimped gold foil, that is suspended between magnets. There used to be machines for this, but nowadays there are few left. Your product is fantastic for this.
Perhaps you should list “Ribbon Microphones” somewhere so searches find your company?
Sincerely and thanks,”
~ Will.
“Good morning! I am not an artist. I happened across my tube wringer at a cool design store in Portland called Canoe. I just loved the industrial design and functionality. Had to have one. I loved it so much that I bought them for my brother and my mom. I also bought them to give at a “Favorite Things” party last December (the concept of which is 12 people come and bring 11 of an item that is one of their “favorites” and everyone goes home with 11 new things that people have brought that they love). I liked that it was made in Oregon and that it was totally different from anything anyone else had ever brought as their favorite item over the years. Occasionally I get texted a photo from someone I’ve given one to of a tube wringed tube of toothpaste or lotion, etc. with reminders of how much they, and everyone in their household, loves using the tube wringer. I don’t have opportunity to use mine that much, mainly for tubes of toothpaste or skin care product. But I love using it for some reason!”
~ Satisfied Customer
“I just wanted to say thanks for making an amazing quality product. I won’t need to buy oil paint for a year or so as I’ve saved tubes with what I thought only had a pea-sized amount left but realized there is quite a bit left! The heavy duty is well worth the money…thanks again. :)”
“Just used my very old Tubewringer to get my tomato paste out of the tube! Thank you for making such a useful tool!!”
~ Libby H.
tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

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tube wringer comes in three sizes and squeezes toothpaste tubes and more

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