A wide variety of people use Tube-Wringers, from homemakers to artists to chefs. However, the people who most commonly follow us on social media are artists. This is why we wanted to take a closer look at some of the incredible tools artists use daily.

Seven Interesting and Useful Artist’s Tools

There are many, many types of art, from painting to mixed media to ceramics. Artists are involved in animation, illustration, mosaics, sculpture, tapestry, and so much more. Each of those professions requires their own toolsets, and we don’t pretend to have a full list of tools that every artist needs. That’s why we are focusing this article on tools for painters.

Here are seven artist’s tools that many of our customers have found useful:

1.  Portable sketchpad

One of our Instagram friends, Sara Alex Mullen, loves to share her techniques and tools (she even teamed up with us to do an Instagram giveaway!). One of the tools we see her using when she’s out of the studio is a plain, paper sketchpad. While this is an excellent resource for artists everywhere, we know some create through animation and other computer programs. So, any portable sketchpad is a great option for most artists of any type.

2. Artist’s palette

We see all sorts of artist’s palettes online as painter’s share their techniques and works with followers. Some palettes hang next to a painting, others hook over the thumb, and some artists simply lay out a board with their colors in front of their canvas and work from there. No matter how you set up your palette, it’s an essential part of the painting process.

3. Mahlstick

This is a soft-tipped stick that helps steady a painter’s hand without disturbing the painting. It’s useful for those artists who will be spending hours upon hours or days and days painting away on one piece. We bet that’s tiring work!

4. Gloves

A lot of painters use latex or rubber gloves for the same reason anyone uses them – to keep their hands and nails clean. If you’ve ever tried to clean oil paint from beneath your fingernails – you’ll probably start wearing gloves too!

5. Catalyst tools

Catalyst blades and wedges are an interesting mix between a palette knife and a brush. Some artists are using them to control heavier paints, plaster, and more.

6. Cold Wax

We’ve been seeing artists who use thicker application methods mixing cold wax in with their colors to help everything dry faster.

7. Tube-Wringers!

It’s true, we have seen many artists work hard to get every drop of paint out of a tube, even cutting the tube and scraping out that expensive paint. A Tube-Wringer is a considerable time and paint saver!

There is such a wide variety of art tools in any artist’s toolkit. We hope that the above list hits on several handy tools that you may or may not already know about.

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