With Labor Day right around the corner, it’s the beginning of holiday shopping and the sales season. That means it’s time to shop for those people closest to you – including those who seem to have it all.

Most holiday gift guides focus on gender or family relationships, but here at Tube-Wringer, we understand that it can be tough to find an artist in your life something fantastic for the holidays. That’s why we have created a holiday gift guide just for artists!

Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Artists

Is there an artist in your life who seems to have everything they need? Do they have their studio set up just how they like it and only want to keep the inspiration flowing? Here are ten holiday gift ideas for hard-to-shop-for artists:

1. Recyclable notebook/sketchbook

Many artists of all kinds go through notebooks quickly, especially if they are doing morning pages, studying, attending workshops, or sketching. Most notebooks cannot be recycled, which means every new one adds to the overall landfill burden. So, try to give the artist in your life a zero-waste notebook. We like those found at Wisdom Supply.

2. Trip to an art gallery or museum

Many art galleries and museums were only available for virtual visits last year – but most have reopened with new safety protocols in place. Find out which gallery or museum is your artist friend’s dream spot, and see if it’s feasible to take them there! 

3. Tube-Wringer

Painters love squeezing every drop out of paint tubes with our Tube-Wringers. It’s so much easier than other methods – and it gives them both more paint and more time to create beautiful art! Win, win! You can pick up a Tube-Wringer from us here.

4. Art class or live drawing/painting show with a favorite artist

With so many artists offering their works virtually, more and more of them also provide classes or live sessions in which they create and talk about their techniques. Check-in with a favorite artist and see if they have any online or local offerings that you can get for the artist in your life. 

5. Work of art or book by a favorite artist

This may seem like an obvious one, but it also can feel challenging. Original art, art books, and even prints can be expensive, and print quality can be all over the place. We recommend getting in touch with a favorite artist directly and see if they have a product that you can afford. You may be surprised – one of our customers recently offered a new type of art for much cheaper than a usual custom piece because he was trying a technique and having fun with it. You may catch a favorite artist at just the right time.

Additionally, if you get a book or print directly from the artist, they may sign it for free or a nominal fee if you ask them nicely. 

6. Inspirational trip

Every artist loves to become inspired. Whether your artist friend finds inspiration in a particular place or they love to travel, you can find a way to set up an inspirational trip for them. 

There are many beautiful and inspirational places within an hour or two of the larger cities here in Oregon. These include the coast, tulip farms, gardens, hikes, waterfalls, desert scapes, and rivers. 

Wherever you are in the world, you likely have access to somewhere lovely. Set up a day trip or an entire vacation to bring the artist in your life some additional inspiration.

7. Bring whimsy home

Not everyone has the luxury of going on an inspirational trip, so we wanted to add another suggestion. Bring some whimsy to the artist’s home. Add a picnic table squirrel feeder to their yard. Get them a fairy garden kit. Set up an egg and spoon race with some friends. You can be the inspiration that helps your artist friend to create something beautiful.

8. Gift card to their favorite art store

Every artist needs to be resupplied with new materials. If you aren’t sure what else to get an artist friend or family member, a gift card to their favorite art store is always a safe bet.

9. Lovely and useful basket

Artists love to have beautiful objects around their homes and studios. Get your artist friend something both aesthetic and practical by gifting them a beautiful basket. We recommend the handmade bolga baskets found here. Sabu Help International sells these baskets at local Oregon farmer’s markets, and they may sell them locally in your area as well.

10. Jigsaw puzzle with work from a favorite artist

Solving puzzles is a great way to recharge and find inspiration – and it’s even better when the puzzle features work from a favorite artist! Many brands sell puzzles with the work of artists on them, but we particularly recommend Artifact Puzzles. We’ve verified that Artifact works with artists and ensure that they get a commission when a puzzle is sold.

Bonus Gift Idea: Give them the gift of time

Do you remember giving your parents a “coupon for a car wash” or a “coupon for one kiss” when you were a kid? You can replicate this as an adult – and provide something precious to the artist in your life – the gift of time.

Offer to babysit, walk the dog, wash their car, pay for a cleaning service, clean their brushes, or anything else that you think would give them extra time. This is an excellent gift for any person who values their time.

Do you have additional great ideas for artist gifts? Are you an artist who would like something not on the list? Let us know! Just click on the contact link and share your ideas. We make these gift guides every year, and we’d love to make each one better than the last.